IDE Compact Flash Adapter SD-CF-IDE-BR 810154015092 adapter connecting compact flash memory card 3.5” IDE host interface aiming educational sectors embedded technology enthusiast enablecompact flash card IDE hard drive.

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IDE to Compact Flash Adapter

Part Number: SD-CF-IDE-BR
Description: IDE to Compact Flash Adapter
  • The SD-CF-IDE-BR is an adapter for connecting a compact flash memory card to a 3.5” IDE host interface, aiming at educational sectors, IT development, and the embedded technology enthusiast to enable the use of a compact flash card as an IDE hard drive.
  • No external power needed when used on VIA’s EPIA series motherboard
  • On-board LED indicators for power-on and compact flash access
  • Voltage selection for +3.3V / 5V compact flash
  • Master / Slave mode selection
  • Fully compatible with CF Type I, II & Micro Drive
  • 40-2ay ( 2.54mm ) standard IDE connector
  • Power input: +5V, floppy disk Drive power connector
  • Board Size: 61 X 52 X 0.8mm
  • Linux-based set-top boxes, routers, firewalls
  • Diskless network clients
  • Industrial computers
  • Any other device requiring rugged solid-state storage
Package Info
  • Dimension: L 8.5 x W 6 x H 1.5 inch
  • Weight: 0.2 lb
  • UPC: 810154015092
Package Includes
  • IDE to CF adapter
  • User manual
  • MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux operating system
  • PC or Mac with one IDE connector
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