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Stereo Tri Tone Control Pre-Amp and Headphone Amplifier

Part Number: SD-DAC63106 Brand: Syba

  • Input: 3.5mm Line-In 1 - To stereo audio source 3.5mm Line-In 2 - To stereo audio source USB Power (Micro USB 5V input)
  • Output: 3.5mm Headphone Jack 3.5mm Line-Out - To Active speaker
  • Control Knobs: Treble Middle Bass Balance Volume
  • Switches: Defeat: Bypass the tone control Loudness: Flat or LoudnessQuad Op-Amp design
  • 3 way equalizing: Treble, Middle, and Bass
  • Treble: Control Range: 3KHz-20KHz Trim Range: -12dB to +12dB Center Freq: 18KHz
  • Middle: Control Range: 200Hz-4KHz Trim Range: -10dB to +10dB Center Freq: 1KHz
  • Bass: Control Range: 20-250Hz Trim Range: -14dB to +14dB Center Freq: 0HzAudio channel balance control trim range 10dB+
  • Independent Op-Amp for each channel to minimize the crosstalk
  • Stereo Crosstalk: 90dB
  • SNR: around 112dB (A-weighting)
  • THD: 0.003% (A-weighting)
  • Max. Headphone Output power: around 200mW/16ohm, 120mW/32ohm at 1KHz
  • Direct switch for by-pass hardware tone control
  • Hardware loudness EQ
  • Intergrated power isolation to boost 5V to +/- 12V
  • USB Powered
  • Power On LED
The SYBA SD-DAC63016 Tri-Tone Control Pre-Amp with built in headphone amplifier is different from many audiophile designs for its unique 3-band "Tri Tone" equalizer while most of the Hifi equipment has forgotten for many years. The Tone Control allows the audiences to master their song back to “Original” even they are playing with a lower quality MP3 files on a middle-end earphone, or they might enhance different parts of frequency range; high tones (Treble), mid-range (Middle), low frequency (Bass), in order to suit their personal taste for different kinds of music
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Package Information
Package Dimensions: L 5.50 × W 6.75 × H 3.00 in
Package Weight: 1.00lb
UPC: 810154013364
Package Content
  • Tone control headphone amp and pre-amp
  • USB 2.0 Type A to Micro USB Power Cable (3ft)
  • RCA to 3.5mm Cable (5ft)
  • Utility CD
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