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USB 1.1 to Serial RS232 DB9 Serial Port Cable

Part Number: SY-USB-S Brand: Syba

  • Provides one RS-232C (DB-9) Port
  • Adapter has one DB-9 End and one USB Type-A End
  • Supports Data Rates from 75bps to 3Mbps
  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification 1.1
  • Ideal for Connecting Monitor Equipment, Printer Server, Portable Backup Units, and Label Printer
This USB to Serial Port Adapter provides a bi-directional bridge between USB bus and RS-232C serial port peripherial device. Best for PDAs, digital cameras, GPS units, barcode scanners, and other equipment offer only serial connections, and PC's don't have a serial port. MCS7703 Chipset .
All windows OS
Package Information
Package Dimensions: L 7.50 × W 4.75 × H 2.50 in
Package Weight: 0.60lb
UPC: 893049000748
Package Content
  • USB to Serial Port Adapter
  • USB Cable (56")
  • User Manual
  • Driver CD
PC computer with one USB host port
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