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Multi-Function Electronic Disassembly Repair Tool Kit

Part Number: SY-ACC65067 Brand: Syba

  • Aluminum Alloy Handle
  • Bits Included: SL1.5 SL2.0 SL2.5 PH000 PH00 PH0 PH1 Torx:T4, T5, T6, T8, T10 Hex:1.5, 2.0 Pentalobe 0.8-1.2 Tri-Lobe #0 Torx Plus Tamper6 (Flower Pentalobe)
    • 2Pcs Plastic Prying Tools
    • Extension Bar
    • Guitar Pick Opening Tool
    • Soldering Scraper Tool
    • Suction Vacuum Opener
    • 2Pcs Tweezers
    • Sim Card Ejector Pin Tool
    • Nylon ESD-saf Probe with Pointed and Blade Ends
    • Plastic Box
With this Syba SY-ACC65067 Mutli-Function dissembly repair tool kit 27 piece, professional-grade tool kit, you'll never need to put your tablet or smart phone's future in the hands of a stranger. 18 different bits fit the most screw heads commonly used in modern electronics manufacture, and the additional tools help to safely and easily remove the cover from your tablet, smart phone, or whatever other electronic device you're repairing. Use this precision tool kit to open, install, or repair your current home electronics. This is an essential kit for any electrical engineer, professional or novice. Easy operation, light weight and mini size.
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Package Information
Package Dimensions: L 8.25 × W 5.12 × H 1.10 in
Package Weight: 0.65lb
UPC: 810154015108
Package Content
  • Disassemble Tool Kit
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