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Locking RJ45 Port Dust Blocker with Removal Keys Tool

Part Number: SY-ACC24053 Brand: IOCrest

  • Locking RJ45 Port Blocker, a premier Layer 1 Security Solution tackles the security risks of open ports with the Port Blocker, a patented solution that secures from unauthorized port access and security breaches
  • The innovative design of the Port Blocker surpasses the conventional "one size (or key) fits all" design of its competitors and offers four unique, flush mounted and proprietary locks and keys for unparalleled security.
  • Locks unused RJ45 ports
  • Secures against unauthorized access

Use this SY-ACC24053 RJ45 port blocker to prevent other devices from being connected to the system or the local network. Prevent users from inserting networking cables, devices or foreign objects without permission. The port blocker includes a "key" which is used to lock in and remove the RJ45 blockers.

Package Information
Package Dimensions: L 7.00 × W 4.00 × H 0.20 in
Package Weight: 0.01lb
UPC: 810154014507
Package Content
  • (1) RJ45 Blocker Pull Tool
  • (10) RJ45 Blocker

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