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USB DSD 192 KHz/24bit DAC
USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier

Part Number: SD-DAC63107 Brand: Syba

  • 192KHz/24bit DSD digital Audio Playback system
  • Supports DSD 5.6M playback
  • PCM 192KHz/24 bit playback.
  • Works with Apple (with camera kit)and Android portable devices (with OTG adapter)
  • Headphone drive ability: 12-600ohm
  • Maximum headphone output power (at 1KHz and single channel) around 210mW/ 16ohms; around 190mW/ 32 ohm.
  • Analog volume control
The 192kHz/24 bit DSD USB Audio DAC is an ultra transparent mastering grade digital audio playback system. The 192kHz/24 bit DSD DAC is capable of converting high resolution PCM audio up to 192 kHz, and DSD audio(up to 128XDSD). The Dac allows you to bypass your computer's soundcard or headphone output and send digital audio signal through the USB interface. With this perfect digital interface between your computer and the music system, the sound quality is pushed to another higher level in your overall music environment.
Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux
Package Information
Package Dimensions: L 6.25 × W 5.50 × H 2.75 in
Package Weight: 0.90lb
UPC: 810154014491
Package Content
  • usb audio dac
  • Driver CD
  • User Manual
  • 5v USB/AC adapter
  • USB B to USB A Cable                                                                       
  • Male 3.5 mm audio to RCA        
USB Port and Aux device
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